We comply with the Oslo Bors Code of Practice for Investor Relations as of 1 July 2019.

Okeanis Eco Tankers Corp. (“OET”) provides shareholders and other capital markets participants with equal and simultaneous information about matters that may influence its share price. The contacts between the senior management, investors and analysts are carefully handled and structured, and the company does not engage in any acts that compromise the independence of analysts in relation to the company and vice versa. We respect the principle of equal treatment of all market participants to ensure fair pricing of OET’s shares and to eliminate the potential for any market manipulation.

The company maintains an open and continuous dialogue with existing and potential shareholders, stakeholders, the media and the general public. We strive to be the most transparent shipping company in the Norwegian capital markets, and we are committed to communicating information in compliance with the disclosure requirements of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and the Oslo Stock Exchange (“OSE”).

OET communicates with all of its investors and analysts via the organization or attendance of meetings such as the Annual General Meetings of shareholders, Investor & Analyst presentations, non-deal roadshows and trade conferences. Furthermore we publish an annual report, quarterly interim reports – above and beyond the minimum reporting frequency – and press releases, as and when required to communicate developments within and relating to the company.

The reports cover the company’s business performance and developments, including relevant financial information. In addition, we will publish details about the company that we deem relevant to the pricing of its shares. OET maintains an insider register and will publish any changes to certain insiders’ shareholdings in accordance with the rules that apply for the OSE. Any such publication will be made immediately after the transaction. Such information will first be published via the news dissemination service of the OSE (www.oslobors.no) and will immediately thereafter be available on our website. Shareholders and others that have requested the receipt of e-mail news from us will receive the information immediately thereafter.

OET provides briefings after each quarterly announcement to update the market via group meetings or teleconference, and are accessible via the website. Investor meetings are held to ensure that the investment community receives a contemporaneous and comprehensive view of the company’s performance, while always observing applicable rules concerning selective disclosure, equal treatment of shareholders and silent/trading blackout periods.

Analysts’ reports and valuations are not assessed, commented upon or corrected, other than factually, by the company. OET does not pay any fees to parties for carrying out research for analysts’ reports or for the production or publication of analysts’ reports. Contacts with the capital markets are dealt with by the members of the senior management.

OET is highly mindful of its credibility and reputation in shipping capital markets, and in the shipping industry in general. As such, we acknowledge the impact that media reports and industry publications can have on our image, share price, and the public’s perception of our company. Our policy is to provide timely, accurate and complete information in response to public requests (media, analysts, etc.), consistent with our obligations to maintain the confidentiality of competitive and proprietary information and to prevent selective disclosure of market-sensitive financial data.